During Softball tournaments, flying is permitted but may be risky due to softballs being hit out to our field.

Also parking lots are usually full and Extreme Caution should be used if flying on these days.

-Cricket Pitches: Reserved for practices Mon- Fri, Tournaments Scheduled every Saturday & Sunday for the entirety of the operating season (Oct 31)

-Softball: We anticipate a Mon-Fri evening softball schedule for this operating season- current scheduled tournaments include June 15th and July 20th & 21st

-Events: June 1st is Relay for Life (American Cancer Society), September 21st  Walk to End Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer’s association of WNY)

-Reservations: 5/17 & 8/10 (Picnic Shelter)

The only thing that will likely not allow us to fly on this schedule are the Softball Tournaments on June 15th and July 20th and 21st.   These Tournaments typically draw around 400 people, use all the ball diamonds continuously all day and into the night occasionally and overflow the parking lot.  Flying is not advised so it is a good time for you to get to know other flyers in the area by visiting their fields. 

The two “EVENTS” on June 1st and September 21 may impact is depending on the magnitude of the turnout and number of vendors set up around the gazebo

Weekday evening softball usually starts around 5pm and is contained to diamonds #1 and #2.  The parking lot typically is partially used and there are spectators on or near the drive out so be careful and drive slowly.   Flying is usually possible.

Picnic Shelter” has not been an issue in the past.

As a note:  The Cricket players and their new playing field should not be an issue for us.  The new field under construction is oriented towards the old washroom area and farther away from the now demolished baseball diamond at the East end of the field.   Our AMA and flight line rules prohibit us from flying over people so please avoid the area when occupied.  If you experience an issue please let the safety officers or any officer know.

Flying at a NYS Park has nice benefits and also requires us to share it with others who enjoy the benefits.

Regards, Dan Warner