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Contributed by Doug Weaver

Ted Strader’s “CHICKEN HAWK”

  From Flying Models Magazine, August 1963

Built by Doug Weaver

January 25th 2018:  I committed to staff the VRCS booth at the AMA Expo East on the weekend of February 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2018.  I was asked by Michael Denest, the president of the VRCS, to bring an airplane to enter in the vintage R/C category of the static competition.  I’ve had the plans for the “Chicken Hawk” for about seven years and always liked the looks of it. I finally had some inspiration to build this project. 

I chose to build this plane with the techniques and materials that would have been used on Ted Strader’s original model with a few exceptions. No CA was used in the construction of this model.  Ambroid cement was used for the majority of the gluing tasks with the exception of a small amount of epoxy used on the firewall and some Weldbond PVA (white glue) adhesive used for affixing the servo mount rails to the fuselage side.  The model’s wings are covered with K&S 000 silkspan with Peck Polymers tissue as trim.  The finish is Pactra Aero Gloss dope from the late 1970’s




A vintage Cox Baby Bee .049 engine is used to power this vintage ½A biplane.  Modern radio gear is used for control in the form of a FrSky 2.4 GHz V8R4-II 4 channel receiver, two Electrifly Nano servos and a 4.8V 480 mAh 1/3 AA NiMh battery.  The transmitter is a mix of vintage and new.  It is an 8 channel Heathkit GDA-405-S single stick transmitter that has been gutted and refit with a Gordon Anderson MicroStar 2000 encoder.  The Heathkit three axis gimbal has been replaced with a modified metal open gimbal from an MRC 775 transmitter of late ‘70s vintage and the RF section is a 2.4 GHz FrSky DHT DYI module.


The building of Ted Strader’s “Chicken Hawk” was an enjoyable endeavor that has be rewarded with a first place at the 2018 AMA Expo East static competition in the Vintage RC category and with a third place in the Vintage RC category at the 2018 Toledo Weak Signals Expo.